Monday, October 23, 2006

Assembly makes tackling child poverty a long term aim

A new report authored by Deputy Social Justice Minister Huw Lewis AM outlines the Assembly Government’s goals for 2010 and 2020 to ensure all Welsh children have a fair start in life. Eradicating Child Poverty in Wales – Measuring Success covers issues such as childhood accidents, teenage pregnancy, poor health and achievement at school.

Ending child poverty is the most important goal this Labour Assembly Government has set. By 2010 This Assembly Government wants to halve child poverty in Wales and eliminate it by 2020

Although we have made good progress on child poverty in Wales and seen a 21% reduction since 1999, it is clear that to achieve our 2020 goal we need a radical re-think of policy across the Assembly Government.

Welsh Labour wants to reduce teenage pregnancy, support more lone parents to get into work, improve access to childcare for families and direct health and education policy towards the needs of the poorest children.

Only a Labour Assembly Government will deliver on this ambitious range of milestones and targets on child poverty. Today’s report sets out how Welsh Labour will bring those children Bridgend currently living in poverty to the front of every queue.

These targets and milestones will be subject to change, depending on their usefulness, but our overall aim – equal chances and an end to poverty for all children by 2020 – will remain as one of the most important goals we have ever set.


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