Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Welsh Labour delivers on its promises

Today’s Welsh Labour budget shows that people can trust Welsh Labour to deliver on their promises

Pledges made in 2003 for better jobs, better schools, better health and stronger communities have been honoured by the Welsh Assembly Government’s budget. Welsh Labour is delivering on the record investment in public services it promised Wales at the last election and smashing its own targets.

People in Wales put their trust in this Labour Welsh Assembly Government to deliver on its commitments and to make a real difference to the quality of life in Wales. This budget is the final stage of our delivery on that the mandate we were given by the Welsh people.

On health, Welsh Labour is delivering on its promise to abolish prescription charges. By April 2007 no one in Bridgend will pay for prescriptions. Welsh Labour has also exceeded its target for investment in hospitals and GP surgeries by £200 million – spending will rise to £750 million this year.

And Welsh Labour has set aside £76 million to upgrade carer’s equipment and improve the lives of carers and disabled people.

For our communities, £127 million has been delivered for a Crime Fighting Fund which will tackle youth offending, substance misuse and domestic abuse. This is even more money than we promised and will ensure safer communities in Bridgend. We have also delivered £11 million to ensure safer routes to schools and we are funding a half price bus fare pilot scheme for 16-18 year olds. Pensioners and children are also enjoying free swimming over the holidays.

An extra £15 million a year has been earmarked for local authorities to invest in road maintenance. This will enable Bridgend County Borough Council to make real a progress in tackling the backlog of repairs on our roads.

‘On education Welsh Labour has smashed its target for improving school buildings, raising its promise of funding by £100 million to £670 million. No students in Wales will pay University top up fees and we’ve delivered £10 million to provide free breakfast for primary school children. One in four schools in Wales is opting for the breakfast scheme and many more will follow.

This is a Labour Welsh Assembly Government that is firmly committed to supporting and caring for the most vulnerable people in Bridgend and delivers on the future aspirations of all the people of my constituency


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