Monday, October 16, 2006

Free Healthy Breakfasts for Bridgend Schools

This week is the Welsh Assembly Government’s Free Healthy Breakfast Week.

Welsh Labour is delivering on a Manifesto commitment to provide a free healthy breakfast to primary school children in all schools in Wales which have opted to operate the scheme by next year.

This Welsh Labour promise is ensuring not only that our youngest children are given a flying start in life, but also that children understand why they should not skip breakfast at the earliest possible age.

By the end of next year 13 primary schools in Bridgend will have taken advantage of Welsh Labour’s free healthy breakfast option.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and evidence shows that a healthy breakfast is linked to better health, concentration and behaviour in our schools. Experience shows that successful breakfast schemes in schools have led to positive attitude changes – improved attendance, improved behaviour, fewer discipline problems and greater sustained concentration.

Healthy breakfast week is part of Welsh Labour’s whole school approach to improve food and nutrition in schools. The week will reinforce messages about healthy eating and the importance of having a good start to the day by eating a healthy breakfast.


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