Thursday, October 19, 2006

Welsh Bacc leading the way in new learning

Education and Lifelong Learning Minister Jane Davidson AM announced yesterday that the Welsh Bacc was fit for purpose to be offered to all Sixth Form students in Wales from September next year following a successful pilot scheme.

A-levels students in Bridgend will now be able to gain a broader qualification than the traditional A-level and an advantage when they look for University places and enter the job market.

Pupils in Bridgend who opt for the Welsh Bacc will take up a language module, a study of Wales, Europe and the world, a research project, work experience and voluntary work in the community, alongside taking existing qualifications such as A levels, GCSEs or NVQs.

Welsh Labour is transforming Sixth Form learning in Wales, delivering the opportunity for higher standards of achievement and learning motivation for young people.

We are ensuring that the Welsh Assembly Government is leading the way on new learning. The Welsh Bacc will be the envy of many countries when Welsh schools begin producing students with a wider knowledge, improved skills and a greater understanding of the wider world.

I am proud Welsh Labour has delivered the first ever distinctive Welsh education and skills programme for 16 – 19 year olds in Bridgend.


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