Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Secondary schools gear up for 5x60

I welcome the Welsh Assembly Government’s commitment to a £7.6m investment to provide extra curricular sports for secondary school children in Wales.

Welsh Labour is delivering on its promise to extend the Dragon Sports initiative into secondary schools. Dragon Sports has been already been successful in getting more primary school children involved in sports outside of school time.

We have all heard the frightening obesity statistics in Wales. Half of all adults in Wales are classed as overweight and by 2020 a third of Welsh adults will be obese. Most people in Wales are not physically active enough to benefit their health.

This is why over the next three years; Welsh Labour will be investing in the 5x60 programme, which aims to get children and young people exercising for at least 60 minutes at least five days a week.

I am pleased that Bryntirion, Cynnfig, Maesteg & Ynysawdre comprehensives are taking part in this scheme. This is a great way to encourage healthy and active lifestyles amongst Bridgend's young people.

Only 24% of secondary school age children do 5x60 minutes of physical activity a week. Welsh Labour is committed to encouraging our young people to become fitter and healthier. Evidence reveals that regular sporting activity not only helps children to do better academically but also prevents health problems later on in life.

Welsh Labour is driving the healthy lifestyle message home to young people, this is crucial in preventing the stark prediction of an obese Wales becoming a reality.


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