Sunday, March 11, 2007

Miners’ compensation payouts reach over £12million in Bridgend

More than £12 million in compensation has now been paid out to ex-miners and their families in the Bridgend Constituency.

Compensation payouts for respiratory diseases have topped £9.7m, whilst over £2.6m has been awarded for vibration white finger related problems.

Miners in South Wales were the backbone of the British coal industry for many years. It is only right and proper that they receive the compensation that is rightfully theirs for the illnesses that they have suffered as a result of doing their jobs.

This is the biggest personal injury scheme in the UK. It was introduced by the Labour Government to ensure that money is made available as quickly as possible to those ex-miners and their families who need it most.

Compensation pay-outs on an England and Wales level have now reached a total of £ - over £1.9bn for respiratory disease and £1.3bn for Vibration White finger. Over £600 million has been paid out in Wales alone

Hundreds of successful claims have been made to the compensation scheme in the Bridgend constituency alone. It is vital that we continue to ensure that Bridgend’s ex-miners and their families get the justice that they deserve.

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