Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Labour to deliver world's best workers for Welsh firms

Labour will deliver the best skilled workers for Welsh firms if it wins May's Assembly election.

As part of its mission to help Bridgend meet the challenges of globalisation, Labour is promising to establish Skills Academies, to provide Bridgend’s industries with the access to excellence in training and learning needed to compete in a global economy.

It is essential that we improve the skills and qualifications of the workforce in Wales so that we can keep our economy growing. This will mean building upon links between local employers and skills training.

Labour is committed to ensuring that everyone in Bridgend is able to learn new skills no matter their age or social background.

Workplace learning is vital in boosting the prosperity of our nation. We are lucky in Bridgend that our key employers are progressive - committed not only to creating more wealth, but also in the wellbeing and future of their workers.

Labour wants to harness the very best teaching provision in Wales and match it with the very best in business innovation.

In the global economy, Labour believes it is our duty to face up to modern challenges, seizing them as opportunities, not hiding away from them as threats. In a world where consumers and business can choose to source their goods from anywhere on the planet, firms based in Bridgend must have the ability to compete with the very best. This means competing on skills, not on low wages.

Wales can lead the world on cutting-edge knowledge work, and Labour's innovative Skills Academies will help make our industries more competitive.

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