Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Extra support for autism

The Welsh Assembly Government has launched a new plan to improve the quality of life for people and children with autism.

The plan is backed up by an extra £1.7m – set aside by Labour - for local authorities like Bridgend over the next two years to have a look at how they can improve services for children with autism.

Health Minister Brian Gibbons and Education Minister Jane Davidson launched the Assembly’s Action Plan for Autism last week, which will now go out for consultation.

This plan is Labour’s commitment to help the most vulnerable people in Bridgend. This Labour Assembly Government wants to make sure that every child in Wales gets the education they deserve.

The extra £1.7m that Labour promised in the Assembly Government’s budget will help Bridgend County Borough Council to assess the learning support autistic children need in local schools and will make sure they get the specialist care and support they need.

I have many constituents who come to me with stories of how hard they fight to get the support they need to cope with autism, which is why I am very pleased that this Labour Assembly Government is recognising how important it is to get this plan right.

The draft document aims to build on a range of other Assembly Government publications, such as Designed for Life, and a series of National Services Frameworks for Children through to Older People. These documents all aim to improve services for people wherever they live in Wales to ensure that they have access to the highest quality care available.

Comments on the consultation should be sent to:Penelope DaviesChildren’s Health and Social Services DirectorateWelsh Assembly GovernmentCathays ParkCardiffCF10 3NQ.

Consultations generally run for a 12-week period but when consulting with people with learning difficulties that is extended to 16 weeks.

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