Thursday, November 23, 2006

The Good Samaritans

Last weekend, I visited the Bridgend Samaritans office in Green Street to see at first hand the work they are doing helping local people with their problems.

The branch first formed in the early 1970s with the group moving into their current offices in 1988. Staffed by volunteers, the office offers a 24-hour, confidential, non-judgemental emotional support helpline.

I was particularly impressed by the commitment and dedication of the people there who give so freely of their time. Everything is completely confidential and the listening skills of the volunteers encourage callers to talk about their problems and explore the options.

Each branch funds itself and relies on the generosity of local people to remain viable. I would urge anyone who is thinking about donating to a charity to consider supporting Bridgend Samaritans.

There are many people walking around Bridgend today who will be thankful for their services. Unfortunately more and more people are experiencing feelings of distress and despair and more are considering taking their own lives. The Samaritans provide a much needed avenue for people to be listened to and accepted without prejudice.

For more information on how the Bridgend Samaritans can help people please visit: They can be contacted by telephone at: 01656 662333.


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