Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I would like to thank everyone who voted for me in last week’s Assembly Elections and all those who kindly offered me their support and help during the campaign itself.

It is a great honour to have been re-elected as the Assembly Member for Bridgend and to have been given the opportunity to continue to represent local people in Cardiff Bay.

I pledge to speak up on behalf of all of my constituents, irrespective of their political allegiances, over the next four years and to work hard to get the very best for Bridgend.

Once again, thank you to all those who have put their trust in me to represent you in the Assembly.

Bridgend Constituency Election Result:

Carwyn Jones (LAB) 9,889 (40.3%)
Emma Greenow (CON) 7,333 (29.9%)
Paul Warren (LIB DEM) 3,730 (15.2%)
Nick Thomas (PC) 3,600 (14.7%)

Turnout: 41.2%
Majority: 2,556



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