Monday, September 11, 2006

Spending time behind bars

Politicians serving time behind bars might be a dream of many people, but for fundraisers at the Llys Nini RSPCA centre in Penllergaer that dream became a reality.

I was imprisoned as part of the “Lock up your boss" event at the Centre’s Open Day yesterday to raise money to help pay for the running costs of the animal centre which serves South and West Wales, including Bridgend and Mid Glamorgan.

Llys Nini is locally run and locally financed and volunteers do a valiant job in raising money to keep the centre open and flourishing. The Centre is extremely important and it serves a huge area across South Wales. It accounts for 60% of all the RSPCA’s rescue and rehoming work in Wales. Last year alone it rescued, treated and rehomed 2000 animals.

It was all in a good cause and for once, I was more than happy to literally be put in the dog house. To be released, I had to raise a certain amount of money from members of my staff and from passers by at the open day.

I am pleased to have been able to play a part in helping the event go successfully. The event was well attended and I am sure that a number of people were pleased to see a politician suffer a period locked up.

The main aim, though, was to raise money for the centre and I am glad that this was achieved. The day raised over £1000 for the RSPCA Llys Nini Centre.

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